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  • Anna Gorska: My mission in two words - CONNECTING PEOPLE

    On 18-20 August 2016 Moscow will host the summer conference of the ICCA Central European Chapter (ICCA CEC Summer Meeting). The traditional meeting is an important communication platform for professionals of the meetings industry from countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

    Anna Gorska, Head of ICCA CEC, shares her views on the world meetings industry and her expectations of the oncoming Summer Meeting in Moscow with EVENT Live.

    How would you describe your job and mission in the meetings industry in under 50 words?

    I can even do it in only two words: CONNECTING PEOPLE:)

    What trends do you think we will see in meetings and events industry in Europe in the next year?

    We are facing terrifying terror attacks throughout the whole Europe and it is very, very disturbing. I think that in the nearest future the safety issues will be the main topics on meeting planners minds. It is not really a “trend” but a “must” we have deal with. The other trends I see that will be influencing the meeting industry are:

    How do you see relationship between the meetings industry, tourism industry and science? How does it work in Poland?

    I think it is crucial to have a good relationship between the business, meetings industry and science. It is obvious that organizing an international association meeting in the destination has an enormous positive impact on its economy and tourism. There are some very good examples how we do it in Poland. Just recently Warsaw has been shortlisted to organize an international medical conference because 3 parties talked and came to an agreement to work together on bidding. It was a private owned Convention Centre (business), CVB (city and tourism) and National Medical Institution (science). This is how it should be done everywhere.

    How do think Russia is positioned as a meeting destination today and what are its positive attributes that you can see from outside? What could be Russia`s added values for association meetings and planners? Can you share what you like about Russia as an association destination?

    Russia is the world’s largest country with many different possibilities, where everyone could find an opportunity for doing business. But still “unknown” as a meeting destination. Its rich culture with world known artists and writers, beautiful historic cities, professional and friendly people are the most positive attributes that I see from outside. It can all be used as the added values for the meeting planners. There are a lot of opportunities as well as challenges from the associations' point of view in Russia now so you just need to continue to work on the positive image of the country.

    Tell us something that has ever surprised you about Russia, Moscow or Saint-Petersburg?

    I was surprised how beautiful Saint-Petersburg was. Magnificent buildings, glittering palaces, wonderful churches and fantastic views from the city’s roofs. I was astounded that you can have a city tour on the roofs!

    Can you describe your own most exciting ‘Russian experience’?

    I have heard about the beautiful metro stations you had but when I saw them, I was really amazed.

    What kind of knowledge will participants of ICCA Central European Chapter Summer Meeting gain from attending it?

    We will hear about some very interesting European examples on how events in general can influence the image of cities. We will have several presentations on trends and how they influence our industry. Some out of the box topics etc. I also expect they we will learn some important issues and get a voluble knowledge on how to do business in Russia. We will get some inspiration on how futurology and sociology can be applied to business meetings. Besides an interesting education we expect to have some great networking opportunities. I am really looking forward to that meeting, new business relations and new business opportunities! Hope to see you there!

    Source: http://event-live.ru/node/5390


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