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    A rare business event is complete without an additional itinerary: sightseeing, entertaining or educational one. Well-known places in Moscow are complemented by new incentive sites. Traditional travel genres change their format. The capital of Russia reveals its secrets!


    KGB training in Moscow

    Russia has always been notoriously infamous for its KGB and today guests will have a chance to participate in "KGB Training" and become real spies.

    Each team has to complete its mission by identifying an agent waiting for them at different points and by passing over certain information without arousing the suspicions of the ever watchful secret police. You must be very careful not to be caught. Good Luck!!!

    Space City & Zero G Program

    Visit a unique Cosmonaut Training Center located in 1 hour drive from Moscow in the totally self-contained "Space City". This is where cosmonauts from Russia and all over the world are trained for manned space flights. As it is a highly secure working center, only the museum is usually open to the public and by special permit only, but special groups are allowed access for tours and programs. The group will also be offered to try the Zero G Program, which is carried out in the flying laboratory made on the basis of the wide fuselage aerobus IL-76 MDK, where you can reach the state of Zero G. You, like cosmonauts will acquire the skills of the most important operations in the conditions of the real weightlessness.

    One day in the Russian Army

    Feel yourself a Russian Soldier at the operating Air-force landing troop regiment. The head of the regiment welcomes the newcomers. 20-30 minute military show of special group (similar to “Alfa” or “Cobra”) introduces the techniques of the modern hand-to-hand fight. Then the guests are divided onto 2-3 teams to compete in passing a special “military line of obstacles” in the wood, shooting 900 mm Makarov pistol, armoured personnel carrier driving, etc. The program ends with a lunch in real military field kitchen with original utensils.

    Private tour of Grand Kremlin Palace

    You will have a unique opportunity to see the place where Russian presidents hold the meeting – Grand Kremlin Palace. The palace was originally built to be the royal palace in Moscow, for Nicholas I, and is now used by the government; it is not open to the general public. All top-level talks and award ceremonies are held there. Rooms that can be seen by special arrangement include the private rooms of the royal family (among them – the halls of 17th century palace adjacent to the Grand Palace and the famous 15th century Hall of Facets), ceremonial rooms that one can often see on TV, the Hall of St Catherine (the empress’s throne room), St. George Hall, St. Vladimir Hall.

    Backstage tour of Moscow’s theaters

    The Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, one of the major symbols of Russia and one of the most famous theaters in the world, reopened in November 2011 after six years of reconstruction. The historical Bolshoi theatre building was designed by architect Joseph Bovéand and was built in 1824.

    The new Edifice of the Bolshoi Theatre is considered one of the most mesmerizing theatrical buildings in the world due to its wonderful architectural style. During the backstage tour, you will have a unique opportunity to see the life of the theatre behind the scenes. The Tsars loved Bolshoi Theatre, so did the Soviet leaders and so do both Muscovites and foreign visitors!

    An exclusive tour of the backstage of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre usually shows unseen areas of the world famous theatre founded in 1941.

    Private visit to Autoville

    The Museum of private retro car collections "Autoville" was opened in September 2008. This is a unique museum by exposition items as well as technical level. The museum has 50 retro cars on display - mastepieces of design and ingeneering thought of the XXth century. On display one can see cars from different countries dating from 1907 including first samples of Mercedes Benz 540 K (1936), Horch (1939), Rolls Royce (1930) and many other. The visitors can also see first Russian cars "Mosckvich", "Lada" including the first car of Putin - "ZAZ". Enjoy a private visit to the museum with a cocktail served specially for our guests.

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