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    Common info

    HRS.com – The Worldwide online solution providing accommodation in 190 countries. The company was founded in 1972, in Cologne. Today HRS.com has offices in London, Paris, Warsaw, Rome, Istanbul, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Moscow. HRS.com provides a full range of hotel services for private and corporate clients: travel analysis and selection of hotels database, travel costs optimization, online hotels and conference rooms reservation, groups accommodation, user-friendly interface and the best prices.


    • Online booking for private customer.
    • Best prices, discounts, hot deals.
    • Online booking for corporate customers (via HRS portal, GDS, OBE or integration into intranet of the company).
    • Group accommodation, conference rooms booking (online/offline).
    • Event Online project, when web page is created special for event of the customer or exhibition (with booking of the block of rooms with special cancellation terms).
    • Tenders organization for customer’s hotels database optimization.
    • Integration of direct contracts between hotels and customer into HRS system.
    • Mobile application.
    • All services for HRS customers are free of charge.
    • Partner programs.


    Address: 4 Stasovoy str., Moscow

    Phone: +7 (499) 277 7888/89

    Email: Natalia.Chilikova@hrs.com, Alexandra.Naumova@hrs.com

    Site: www.hrs.com

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