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Agreement on the Use of Video Material

Exclusive rights to the video material are held by Moscow Convention Bureau.

The video material can be used only for the purpose of promotion (presentation) of Moscow as international communications venue and attraction of large-scale business events to the city.

According to the present agreement the video material can be used as follows: reproduction, including production of one or more copies of the video material, as well as recording to the memory of an electronic device; public presentation of video materials, including in a manner providing any person with the on-line access to the video material from any place and at any time at his/her discretion.

The video material shall not be used in any manner other that expressly provided for hereby. In particular it is prohibited: to modify the video material, i. e. to remake or otherwise process the same, including reduction or increase of the video material volume (deletion, addition of fragments), deletion or modification of sound, deletion, modification or concealment of Moscow Convention Bureau logo.

Using video material the user accepts the conditions hereof.

Moscow Convention Bureau